Reviews for Mammoth and Crow

Some lovely reader reviews for Mammoth and Crow have dropped in our inbox. We will be sharing some of them here with full permission of our lovely readers.

I finished reading Mammoth and Crow! I found it astonishingly original. It held me all the way through although I have struggled to finish books in recent years. I’m always a little embarrassed by my lack of higher education, and I know there were references and Latin quotes that I didn’t fully connect with, but that didn’t diminish the story for me. I loved how you wove Leto’s relationship with Huma, ‘breadcrumbing’ the trail of what a Mammoth could possibly mean to a little girl. Leto and Huma and Martin are of course my favourites. I appreciated the sympathy extended to Evelyn as we watch her tumble down the slippery slope, even though we don’t like her, and the acknowledgement of how patriarchy helped to form who she is. I like that Leto got to stay with her real Mom! I like that the door is open for Martin to see her again. I like Martin’s wisdom and Jane’s bigness of heart. And I appreciate Johnny’s complexity. Of course I love the crossing worlds aspect, and in the end, getting to stay. I also love the book itself. There is a distinct energy to it – it feels different than a mass-produced tome. And right from the beginning the title “Mammoth and Crow” paired with a picture of a wolf on the cover is compelling. So, many thanks for a great story that I feel the better for having read. Thank you for sending it, and I will recommend it in my folklore groups.

QC, British Columbia, Canada

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